Commit a720d967 authored by Roberto Raggi's avatar Roberto Raggi
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Parse only c/c++ files.

parent af29d060
......@@ -988,13 +988,16 @@ void CppModelManager::parse(QFutureInterface<void> &future,
Core::MimeType cSourceTy = db->findByType(QLatin1String("text/x-csrc"));
Core::MimeType cppSourceTy = db->findByType(QLatin1String("text/x-c++src"));
Core::MimeType cHeaderTy = db->findByType(QLatin1String("text/x-hdr"));
Core::MimeType cppHeaderTy = db->findByType(QLatin1String("text/x-c++hdr"));
foreach (const QString &file, files) {
const QFileInfo fileInfo(file);
if (cSourceTy.matchesFile(fileInfo) || cppSourceTy.matchesFile(fileInfo))
else if (cHeaderTy.matchesFile(fileInfo) || cppHeaderTy.matchesFile(fileInfo))
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