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Doc - Semantic highlighting

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\key{Ctrl+E, 0}. To remove all but the currently selected split view,
select \gui Window > \gui{Remove All Splits} or press \key{Ctrl+E, 1}.
\section1 Semantic Highlighting
Qt Creator understands the C++ and QML languages as code, not as plain text.
It reads the source code, analyzes it, and highlights it based on the
semantic checks that it does for the following code elements:
\o Types (such as classes, structs, and type definitions)
\o Local variables
\o Class fields
\o Virtual methods
To specify the color scheme to use for semantic highlighting, select
\gui {Tools > Options... > Text Editor > Fonts & Color}.
Qt Creator supports syntax highlighting also for other types of files than
C++ or QML. For more information, see \l{Generic Highlighting}.
\section1 Highlighting and Folding Blocks
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