Commit ab3c2563 authored by Christian Kamm's avatar Christian Kamm

QmlJS: String literals with file names link to files.

Task-number: QTCREATORBUG-5701
Change-Id: If8e0cf2ba685de6fb5d2d11cff05d0dd5893ff82
Reviewed-on: default avatarFawzi Mohamed <>
parent c879b9ae
......@@ -1292,6 +1292,25 @@ TextEditor::BaseTextEditorWidget::Link QmlJSTextEditorWidget::findLinkAt(const Q
return Link();
// string literals that could refer to a file link to them
if (StringLiteral *literal = cast<StringLiteral *>(node)) {
const QString text = literal->value->asString();
BaseTextEditorWidget::Link link;
link.begin = literal->literalToken.begin();
link.end = literal->literalToken.end();
if (semanticInfo.snapshot.document(text)) {
link.fileName = text;
return link;
const QString relative = QString("%1/%2").arg(
if (semanticInfo.snapshot.document(relative)) {
link.fileName = relative;
return link;
const ScopeChain scopeChain = semanticInfo.scopeChain(semanticInfo.rangePath(cursorPosition));
Evaluate evaluator(&scopeChain);
const Value *value = evaluator.reference(node);
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