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README: Update Windows section

We don't recommend Qt 4.7 any more, Qt 4.8 is minimum.

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......@@ -83,13 +83,13 @@ SDK (release builds of Qt using MinGW and Visual C++ 2008).
for example, c:\work. If you plan to use MinGW and Microsoft Visual
Studio simultaneously or mix different Qt versions, we recommend
creating a directory structure which reflects that. For example:
C:\work\qt4.7.1-vs10, C:\work\qt4.7.2-mingw.
C:\work\qt4.8.1-vs10, C:\work\qt4.8.4-mingw.
4. Download and install Perl from
and check that perl.exe is added to the path.
5. In the working directory, check out the respective branch of Qt
(we recommend 4.7; see
(we recommend 4.8; see
6. Check out Qt Creator (master branch, see
......@@ -97,9 +97,8 @@ SDK (release builds of Qt using MinGW and Visual C++ 2008).
7. Install a compiler:
- For MinGW (4.4 onwards), see Note that gcc 4.5
produces insufficient debugging information, and therefore, we
recommend that you use gcc 4.4 for debugging.
- For a MinGW toolchain for Qt 4, see For a MinGW
toolchain for Qt 5, see
- For Microsoft Visual C++, install the Windows SDK and the "Debugging
Tools for Windows" from the SDK image. We strongly recommend using the
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