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merge forgotten changes-2.0.1 file

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......@@ -5,24 +5,67 @@ within the logs of Qt Creator's sources. Simply check it out from the public git
repository e.g.,
git clone git://
git log --cherry-pick --pretty=oneline v2.0.0...v2.0.1
git log --cherry-pick --pretty=oneline origin/2.0.0...origin/2.0.1
* Fix the suggested path in the new dialog in case of sub projects
* Search dialog now opens the completion box for the search term on cursor down
* Fix Mercurial plugin (QTCREATORBUG-1503)
* The .bin postfix was removed from the qtcreator executable
* Fixed disabled "Open with" context menu in project tree
* CodePaster: Do not show popup about modified files on Windows
* FakeVim: Fix issues with non-letter keys on non-US keyboards
* FakeVim: Fix performance of find/replace
* Fixed disabled "Open with" context menu in project tree.
* Fakevim: Fix mark interpretion for d'a etc
* Fakevim: clear opcount and mvcount on escape
* Fakevim: fix Delete key in command mode
* Fakevim: fix backspace in the presence of physical tabs
* Fakevim: fix insert of Tabs and up/down movement in the presence of real tabs
* Fakevim: fix mark positions after <Delete>
* Fakevim: make Ctrl-V <Tab> and Ctrl-V <Return> work in Insert and Ex mode
* BinEditor: Add "jump to address" functionality
* BinEditor: Add a bit of value interpretation
* BinEditor: Fix cursor position label
* BinEditor: Fix file name not being displayed
* BinEditor: Implement "Jump to start/end of file" for lazy data
* QmlDesigner: Fix crash when typing keywords as Ids
* QmlDesigner: Fix import handling in rewriter
* QmlDesigner: Prevent freezing while doing drag&drop on some Windows systems
* QML snippet: property has a name and a value, not two names
* QmlJS: Avoid infinite recursion when encountering property loops
* QmlJS: Make variables in imported JS documents show up in completion
* QmlJS: Remove spurious spaces from default import path in qmlproject
* Qt Designer integration: Fix Help button in stylesheet editor
* QuickDesigner: Make metainfo system robust for different version numbers
* QuickDesigner: Reduce numbers of redraws / state switching in States Editor
C++ Support
C++ Support:
* Added C-style comment folding
* Fix crash while renaming symbol when a symbol is being renamed
Project support
VCS Support:
* Diff editors: Set readonly attributes correctly
* Mercurial: Working directory not set for asynchronous commands
* Subversion: Remove LANG=C setting
* git: Adapt to 1.7.0, handling of renamed files. Reviewed-by: con
Project support:
* Fix auto-scrolling in application and compile output
* Cmake: Don't delete run configurations on switching buildconfigurations
* Ask to save all editors before running qmake
* Allow the user to set the version number used for the build deb package
* Don't crash if the session node is the current node in context menu
* Fix DESTDIR=. case
* Don't reset build directory for clone cmake buildconfigurations
* Don't show the full file name in the reload prompt by default
* Fix crash for newly added project nodes
* Improve task parsing
* Fixes: New Project action didn't respect the default project location
* Fix 2.0 regression: QObject property display
* Speed up cdb debugging helper initialization
* Fix display of certain structures within containers
* Fix display of typedefs of typedefs of simple types such as qulonglong
* Fix behaviour of 'step' and 'next' when a lower frame was selected
......@@ -30,17 +73,70 @@ Debugging
* Improve gdb version string parsing
* Fix that the newest version of compiled debugging helper was not used
if there was an older version still was around in a different search path
* Windows[gdb]: Fix Attach to running (gui) process
* Fix 2.0 regression: allow assignment to structure members
* Always switch to frame 0 before trying to leave frame
* Cache results of gdb.lookup_type to increase performance
* Finish "Launching" bar even if we don't hit a "^running"
* Fix 2.0 regression: 'jump to line' and 'run to line' with older versions of gdb
* Fix decoding of %04x encoded 16 bit big endian data
* Fix 2.0 regression: display of typedefs-of-typedefs, such as qulonglong
* Fix 2.0 regression: list of members in case gdb reports '_class_ SomeClass'
* Handle gdb 7.1.50's thread-group-started 'pid' field
* Fix python dumper for std::vector<bool>
* Improve robustness in the presence of outdated debug information
* Make ctrl-click to navigate between input and output pane (much) faster
* Switch off reverse debugging tool button if not useful
* Fix reporting of loaded libraries on Symbian devices
* Fix late crash when closing Creator while building debugging helper (QTCREATORBUG-1576)
QML/JS Support:
* New QmlDesigner
* Allows visual manipulation of .qml files
* Supports changing top-level states
* Integrates tighly with text editor, e.g. shared history, navigation facilities ..
* Add description of the Use debug versions of Frameworks option
* Add descriptions for new Maemo packaging options
* Add info about layouts to the example
* Add information about unlocking views in Debug mode
* Add qtquick to defines to display Qt Quick information
* Add tips and tricks
* Edit the introduction
Platform Specific
* Update Japanese translation
* Update Russian translation
* Update Slovenian translation
* Update German translation
* Add Simplified Chinese translation
* Add French translation, done by the team
Mac specific:
* Save maemo device configuration on MacOS
Linux (GNOME and KDE)
Linux specific:
Windows specific:
* Fixed that some menu items got disabled during keyboard navigation
* Fix wildcard expansion, etc. under windows
* Detect Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
* Fixed handling of usernames with Cyrillic characters (QTCREATORBUG-1643)
Additional credits go to:
Maemo specific:
* Fix Qemu start on Mac
* Fix building projects if MADDE is on a different drive then the project
* Fix access rights for remote .ssh directory
* Fix end-of-process detection
* Fix incorrect assumption about build directory
* Make device configuration id type consistent
* Make packaging step optional
Symbian specific:
* Symbian support is no longer experimental
* Symbian/trk: Don't try to dereference references
* Symbian/trk: Fix handling of partial frames
* Small improvements to the abld parser
* Use outputparsers when creating S60 packages
* Improve detection of simulator Qts
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