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More changes-3.1.0

Change-Id: I9f1af9662df781dc2a89149f7229133f844e5f3b
Reviewed-by: default avatarLeena Miettinen <>
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......@@ -12,6 +12,8 @@ git log --cherry-pick --pretty=oneline origin/3.0..origin/master
* Added File > Reload
* Made visible margin configurable per project
Managing and Building Projects
......@@ -34,20 +36,38 @@ Generic Projects
* Made importing files follow directory symlinks (QTCREATORBUG-8897)
* Removed support for GDB without Python
* Added context menu item for saving backtrace as tasks-file
* Added pretty printer for std::complex and C++11 std::array
QML Profiler
* Improved performance (QTCREATORBUG-10950)
* Improved layout of details views
* Fixed opening files from JavaScript profiling output (QTCREATORBUG-11094)
C++ Support
* Added code model inspector
* Added experimental support for Clang-based code model
* Fixed parsing of ??< ??> ??( ??) trigraphs (QTCREATORBUG-2474)
* Fixed adding definition for function with rvalue-reference
* Fixed semantic highlighting after "Save as"
Python Support
GLSL Support
Qt Quick Designer
* Fixed selecting overlapping items with same z-value (QTCREATORBUG-11066)
* Fixed setting text alignment (QTCREATORBUG-11054)
* Fixed crash with anchors (QTCREATORBUG-11138)
Diff Viewer
Version Control Systems
......@@ -57,8 +77,11 @@ Version Control Systems
* ClearCase
* Improved performance of indexing dynamic views
* Added warning when editing Derived Objects
* Bazaar
* Added support for uncommit command
* Added "gj", "gk", "g0", "g^" and "g$" commands
* Made dot command work for letter case commands in visual mode
Platform Specific
......@@ -71,11 +94,14 @@ QNX
* Added support for Python based pretty printers when debugging on devices
* Added better error messages for common deployment errors
* Added line and column information to text based BAR descriptor editor
* Fixed several issues with certificate password dialog in BlackBerry
options (QTCREATORBUG-10948)
* Made it possible to cancel waiting for an AVD to boot up
* Fixed opening Java files from error messages (QTCREATORBUG-10904)
Remote Linux
Subproject commit 2c1a305295f05f35527b0cceb500d013e12752e0
Subproject commit 3b6b1b7fbc50bca101ad89a8acd80774bc668dde
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