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Doc: using dummydata in QML files

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For more information on the JavaScript environment provided by QML, see
\l{}{Integrating JavaScript}.
\section2 Loading Placeholder Data
Often, QML applications are prototyped with fake data that is later
replaced by real data sources from C++ plugins. QML Viewer loads fake data
into the application context: it looks for a directory named \e dummydata
in the same directory as the target QML file, loads any .qml files in that
directory as QML objects, and binds them to the root context as properties.
For more information, see
\l{}{QML Viewer}.
You can use dummydata files also to specify fake properties for QML
components that you open for editing in \QMLD.
A QML component provides a way of defining a new UI element that you can
re-use in other QML files. A component is generally defined in its own QML
file. You can use property binding to specify the properties of a component
to make it easily reusable.
For example, you can create a button bar component (buttonbar.qml) that
inherits its width from the screen that is its parent:
import QtQuick 1.0
Item {
width: parent.width
However, when you open the QML file for editing in \QMLD, the button bar
component does not have a width, because it is specified outside the QML
file (in the QML file that specifies the screen). To specify a fake width
for the component, create a \c <component>_dummydata.qml file (here,
buttonbar_dummydata.qml) that specifies the component width and copy it to
the \c dummydata directory.
For example:
import QtQuick 1.0
import QmlDesigner 1.0
DummyContextObject {
parent: QtObject {
property real width: 1000
The file is reloaded if you change it.
\section2 Setting Anchors and Margins
In addition to arranging elements in a grid, row, or column, you can use
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