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Doc: experimental Qbs support

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......@@ -65,9 +65,9 @@ CMake Projects
* Fixed build directory when adding build configurations
QBS Projects
* Implemented initial support for Qt Build Suite (QBS) projects
* Made Qt Creator itself compilable with QBS
Qbs Projects
* Implemented initial support for Qt Build Suite (Qbs) projects
* Made Qt Creator itself compilable with Qbs
Generic Projects
* Implemented using MIME types to recognize source files (QTCREATORBUG-5451)
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\page creator-projects-autotools.html
\nextpage creator-project-generic.html
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\contentspage index.html
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\page creator-project-cmake.html
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\title Setting Up a CMake Project
......@@ -40,6 +40,14 @@
CMake is an alternative to qmake for automating the generation of
build configurations.
\li \l{Setting Up a Qbs Project}
Qt Build Suite (Qbs) is a new build tool for Qt. It is an all-in-one
tool that generates a build graph from a high-level project
description (like qmake or CMake do) and executes the commands in
the low-level build graph (like make does). Qbs is still
experimental, but you can use it to build \QC, for example.
\li \l{Setting Up an Autotools Project}
\QC can open projects that use the Autotools build system. You can
** Copyright (c) 2013 Digia Plc and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
** Contact:
** This file is part of Qt Creator
** GNU Free Documentation License
** Alternatively, this file may be used under the terms of the GNU Free
** Documentation License version 1.3 as published by the Free Software
** Foundation and appearing in the file included in the packaging of this
** file.
\contentspage index.html
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\page creator-project-qbs.html
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\title Setting Up a Qbs Project
The Qt Build Suite (Qbs) and the Qbs plugin are still experimental, and
therefore, you must first build them from sources. You can use the Qbs
plugin only with a \QC instance you also built from sources by using the
same tool chain as for building Qbs and the Qbs plugin.
To use Qbs to build a project, you must create a .qbs file for the project.
For more information, see the
\l{}{Qbs Manual}.
\section1 Building the Qbs Plugin
To build the Qbs plugin and to enable it in \QC:
\list 1
\li Clone the Qbs repository and build Qbs.
\li Set values for the environment variables that specify the Qbs source
directory (QBS_SOURCE_DIR) and build directory (QBS_BUILD_DIR).
\li To build the Qbs plugin that is located in the
\c {src\plugins\qbsprojectmanager} directory in the \QC source
directory, clone the \QC repository and build \QC.
\li To enable the plugin, select \gui Help > \gui {About Plugins} >
\gui {Build Systems} > \gui {QbsProjectManager}.
\li To use the plugin, restart \QC.
\section1 Building Applications with Qbs
To build your application with Qbs:
\list 1
\li Create a .qbs file for your project. For examples, see the
\c {tests\manual} directory in the qbs repository.
\li In \QC, select \gui File > \gui {Open File or Project}.
\li Select the .qbs file for your project.
\image creator-qbs-project.png
\li Select \gui Build > \gui {Build Project} to build the executable, so
that you can specify it in the run settings of the project.
\li Select \gui Projects > \gui {Run}, and specify the executable in the
\gui Command field. This allows you to run it directly from \QC.
This will happen automatically in a future release.
\image creator-run-settings-qbs.png
\li Click the
\inlineimage qtcreator-run.png
(\gui Run) button to run the application.
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