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Debugger: Filter out well-known static variables

Change-Id: I2c95ab4ab7f765ad42bf6bd35c6f790de5f03668
Reviewed-by: default avatarEike Ziller <>
parent e8cc4e21
......@@ -1066,7 +1066,22 @@ class Dumper(DumperBase):
self.anonNumber = 0
shadowed = {}
ids = {} # Filter out duplicates entries at the same address.
values = list(frame.GetVariables(True, True, True, False))
values = list(frame.GetVariables(True, True, False, False))
# We need to look at static variables to get access to
# local constants. But not at all of them.
for staticVar in frame.GetVariables(False, False, True, False):
typename = staticVar.GetType().GetName()
name = staticVar.GetName()
if name.startswith("qt_meta_stringdata_"):
if name.startswith("qt_meta_data_"):
if name.endswith("::staticMetaObject") \
and typename.endswith("QMetaObject"):
values.reverse() # To get shadowed vars numbered backwards.
for value in values:
if not value.IsValid():
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