Commit bf197d7a authored by Jarek Kobus's avatar Jarek Kobus
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Compile fix for Mac 10.5.8 gcc 4.0.1

Change-Id: I1dfadc781485649bbc9c5b6c952297cdea80d95b
Reviewed-by: default avatarFawzi Mohamed <>
parent 83196c26
......@@ -1227,25 +1227,25 @@ void ServiceBrowserPrivate::reconfirmService(Service::ConstPtr s)
/// (covers both add and remove)
void ServiceBrowserPrivate::serviceChanged(const Service::ConstPtr &oldService,
const Service::ConstPtr &newService,
ServiceBrowser *browser)
ZeroConf::ServiceBrowser *browser)
emit q->serviceChanged(oldService, newService, browser);
/// called when a service is added (utility method)
void ServiceBrowserPrivate::serviceAdded(const Service::ConstPtr &service, ServiceBrowser *browser)
void ServiceBrowserPrivate::serviceAdded(const Service::ConstPtr &service, ZeroConf::ServiceBrowser *browser)
emit q->serviceAdded(service, browser);
/// called when a service is removed (utility method)
void ServiceBrowserPrivate::serviceRemoved(const Service::ConstPtr &service, ServiceBrowser *browser)
void ServiceBrowserPrivate::serviceRemoved(const Service::ConstPtr &service, ZeroConf::ServiceBrowser *browser)
emit q->serviceRemoved(service, browser);
/// called when the list is updated (this might collect several serviceChanged signals together)
void ServiceBrowserPrivate::servicesUpdated(ServiceBrowser *browser)
void ServiceBrowserPrivate::servicesUpdated(ZeroConf::ServiceBrowser *browser)
emit q->servicesUpdated(browser);
......@@ -248,7 +248,7 @@ private:
class ServiceBrowserPrivate {
friend class ServiceBrowser;
ServiceBrowser *q;
ZeroConf::ServiceBrowser *q;
QString serviceType;
QString domain;
MainConnectionPtr mainConnection;
......@@ -287,10 +287,10 @@ public:
uint32_t interfaceIndex, DNSServiceErrorType errorCode,
const char *serviceName, const char *regtype, const char *replyDomain);
void serviceChanged(const Service::ConstPtr &oldService, const Service::ConstPtr &newService,
ServiceBrowser *browser);
void serviceAdded(const Service::ConstPtr &service, ServiceBrowser *browser);
void serviceRemoved(const Service::ConstPtr &service, ServiceBrowser *browser);
void servicesUpdated(ServiceBrowser *browser);
ZeroConf::ServiceBrowser *browser);
void serviceAdded(const Service::ConstPtr &service, ZeroConf::ServiceBrowser *browser);
void serviceRemoved(const Service::ConstPtr &service, ZeroConf::ServiceBrowser *browser);
void servicesUpdated(ZeroConf::ServiceBrowser *browser);
void hadError(QStringList errorMsgs, bool completeFailure);
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