Commit c425122a authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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debugger: fix potential crash after f2392ffb

parent 73101efc
......@@ -607,8 +607,9 @@ QString WatchModel::niceType(const QString &typeIn) const
QString type = niceTypeHelper(typeIn);
if (theDebuggerBoolSetting(ShowStdNamespace))
type = type.remove("std::");
if (theDebuggerBoolSetting(ShowQtNamespace))
type = type.remove(m_handler->m_manager->currentEngine()->qtNamespace());
IDebuggerEngine *engine = m_handler->m_manager->currentEngine();
if (engine && theDebuggerBoolSetting(ShowQtNamespace))
type = type.remove(engine->qtNamespace());
return type;
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