Commit c750facb authored by Erik Verbruggen's avatar Erik Verbruggen
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Changed conversion to variant to use the functions in the PropertyParser namespace.

parent f3ebc437
......@@ -31,9 +31,11 @@
#include "bindingproperty.h"
#include "filemanager/firstdefinitionfinder.h"
#include "filemanager/objectlengthcalculator.h"
#include "metainfo.h"
#include "nodemetainfo.h"
#include "nodeproperty.h"
#include "propertymetainfo.h"
#include "propertyparser.h"
#include "textmodifier.h"
#include "texttomodelmerger.h"
#include "rewriterview.h"
......@@ -628,27 +630,23 @@ QVariant TextToModelMerger::convertToVariant(const ModelNode &node,
const QString &astType)
const QString cleanedValue = stripQuotes(astValue.trimmed());
const NodeMetaInfo nodeMetaInfo = node.metaInfo();
if (!astType.isEmpty()) {
const int type = propertyType(astType);
QVariant value(cleanedValue);
return value;
const NodeMetaInfo nodeMetaInfo = node.metaInfo();
const QString typeName = QMetaType::typeName(type);
return Internal::PropertyParser::read(typeName, astValue, nodeMetaInfo.metaInfo());
if (nodeMetaInfo.isValid()) {
const PropertyMetaInfo propertyMetaInfo =, true);
if (propertyMetaInfo.isValid()) {
QVariant castedValue = propertyMetaInfo.castedValue(cleanedValue);
if (!castedValue.isValid())
qWarning() << "Casting the value" << cleanedValue
<< "of property" << astName
<< "to the property type" << propertyMetaInfo.type()
<< "failed";
return castedValue;
return Internal::PropertyParser::read(propertyMetaInfo.type(), cleanedValue, nodeMetaInfo.metaInfo());
} else if (node.type() == QLatin1String("Qt/PropertyChanges")) {
// In the future, we should do the type resolving in a second pass, or delay setting properties until the full file has been parsed.
return QVariant(cleanedValue);
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