Commit c75ef78d authored by Roberto Raggi's avatar Roberto Raggi

Process simple-type-specifiers and class-specifiers.

parent f261ac0e
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......@@ -78,12 +78,14 @@ public:
using ASTVisitor::translationUnit;
static int visibilityForAccessSpecifier(int tokenKind);
const Name *objCSelectorArgument(ObjCSelectorArgumentAST *ast, bool *hasArg);
void attribute(AttributeAST *ast);
FullySpecifiedType declarator(DeclaratorAST *ast, const FullySpecifiedType &init, DeclaratorIdAST **declaratorId);
void qtPropertyDeclarationItem(QtPropertyDeclarationItemAST *ast);
void qtInterfaceName(QtInterfaceNameAST *ast);
void baseSpecifier(BaseSpecifierAST *ast);
void baseSpecifier(BaseSpecifierAST *ast, unsigned colon_token, Class *klass);
void ctorInitializer(CtorInitializerAST *ast);
void enumerator(EnumeratorAST *ast);
FullySpecifiedType exceptionSpecification(ExceptionSpecificationAST *ast, const FullySpecifiedType &init);
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