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Doc: Gerrit plugin

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index. This returns your working copy to the state it was in right
after the last commit.
\o \gui{Reset...} opens a dialog where you can select the SHA1 to reset
the working directory to. This is useful after applying patches for
review, for example.
\section2 Viewing Status
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Git is a fast decentralized version control system. Git is available
for Windows, Linux and Mac.
You can use the \l{}{Gerrit} code review
tool for projects that use Git. You can apply and check out changes from
Gerrit in \QC 2.6 and later.
The \gui Git submenu contains the following additional items:
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\o \gui{Amend Last Commit}
\o Revert the last commit.
\o \gui Gerrit
\o View, apply, and check out changes from Gerrit.
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on top of the current working tree state.
\section3 Reviewing Code with Gerrit
If your Git project uses Gerrit for code reviews, you can view your changes
in \QC.
Select \gui Tools > \gui Options > \gui {Version Control} > \gui Gerrit to
specify the connection to the Gerrit server.
\image qtcreator-gerrit-options.png
You can see the same information about each change as in the Gerrit
web interface.
\image qtcreator-gerrit.png
To view details of the selected change, select \gui Diff.
To apply the selected change to the top of your local repository, select
\gui Apply. To remove the change after testing it, select \gui Tools >
\gui Git > \gui {Reset}. In the \gui {Undo Changes to} dialog, select the
state to reset the working directory to, and then select \gui OK.
To check out the change in a headless state, select \gui Checkout.
To refresh the list of changes, select \gui Refresh.
\section2 Using Additional Mercurial Functionality
Mercurial is a free, distributed source control management tool.
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