Commit d54c4981 authored by hjk's avatar hjk

Debugger: Fix void* lookup regression

Change-Id: I1ddb0defd01021b5f06931cd6f266363ce8787b9
Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <>
parent 0489e7c0
......@@ -1342,13 +1342,6 @@ class Dumper:
self.useDynamicType = True
self.expandedINames = {}
self.charType_ = None
self.intType_ = None
self.sizetType_ = None
self.charPtrType_ = None
self.voidType_ = None
self.voidPtrType_ = None
def __init__(self, args):
......@@ -1553,29 +1546,19 @@ class Dumper:
def intType(self):
if self.intType_ is None:
self.intType_ = self.lookupType('int')
return self.intType_
return self.lookupType('int')
def charType(self):
if self.charType_ is None:
self.charType_ = self.lookupType('char')
return self.charType_
return self.lookupType('char')
def sizetType(self):
if self.sizetType_ is None:
self.sizetType_ = self.lookupType('size_t')
return self.sizetType_
return self.lookupType('size_t')
def charPtrType(self):
if self.charPtrType_ is None:
self.charPtrType_ = self.lookupType('char*')
return self.charPtrType_
return self.lookupType('char*')
def voidPtrType(self):
if self.voidPtrType_ is None:
self.voidType_ = self.lookupType('void*')
return self.voidPtrType_
return self.lookupType('void*')
def voidPtrSize(self):
return self.voidPtrType().sizeof
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