Commit d87f0382 authored by cerf's avatar cerf Committed by Tobias Hunger

Bazaar: fix commit error for 'rename' changes

Merge-request: 276
Reviewed-by: default avatarTobias Hunger <>
parent 750248f3
......@@ -627,13 +627,21 @@ bool BazaarPlugin::submitEditorAboutToClose(VCSBase::VCSBaseSubmitEditor *submit
const QStringList files = commitEditor->checkedFiles();
QStringList files = commitEditor->checkedFiles();
if (!files.empty()) {
//save the commit message
//rewrite entries of the form 'file => newfile' to 'newfile' because
//this would mess the commit command
for (QStringList::iterator iFile = files.begin(); iFile != files.end(); ++iFile) {
const QStringList parts = iFile->split(" => ", QString::SkipEmptyParts);
if (!parts.isEmpty())
*iFile = parts.last();
const BazaarCommitWidget* commitWidget = commitEditor->commitWidget();
BazaarClient::ExtraCommandOptions extraOptions;
extraOptions[BazaarClient::AuthorCommitOptionId] = commitWidget->committer();
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