Commit dd1ae2a9 authored by dt's avatar dt
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Maybe fix a bug that hjk found.

parent 97789c2d
......@@ -114,8 +114,9 @@ QString DebuggingHelperLibrary::debuggingHelperLibrary(const QString &qtInstallD
QString DebuggingHelperLibrary::buildDebuggingHelperLibrary(const QString &qmakePath, const QString &make, const Environment &env)
QString directory = copyDebuggingHelperLibrary(qtInstallDataDir(qmakePath), qtDir(qmakePath));
if (directory.isEmpty())
return QString::null;
return buildDebuggingHelperLibrary(directory, make, qmakePath, QString::null, env);
return QString::null;
QString DebuggingHelperLibrary::copyDebuggingHelperLibrary(const QString &qtInstallData, const QString &qtdir)
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