Commit de40fff3 authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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Debugger: Silence some debug output

Change-Id: I80cd68574586fdaf463d59b6f4dfb9149a120089
Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <>
parent 07492890
......@@ -690,13 +690,13 @@ class Dumper(DumperBase):
def lookupType(self, name):
warn("LOOKUP TYPE NAME: %s" % name)
#warn("LOOKUP TYPE NAME: %s" % name)
if name.endswith('*'):
type = self.lookupType(name[:-1].strip())
return type.GetPointerType() if type.IsValid() else None
type =
warn("LOOKUP RESULT: %s" %
warn("LOOKUP VALID: %s" % type.IsValid())
#warn("LOOKUP RESULT: %s" %
#warn("LOOKUP VALID: %s" % type.IsValid())
return type if type.IsValid() else None
def setupInferior(self, args):
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