Commit dea7e36a authored by con's avatar con
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Don't follow symbolic links in the file system view.

If you double-click on a file, this file should be opened, not its link
parent c7a48c67
......@@ -79,6 +79,7 @@ FolderNavigationWidget::FolderNavigationWidget(QWidget *parent)
m_title(new QLabel(this)),
m_dirModel->setFilter(QDir::Dirs | QDir::Files | QDir::Drives | QDir::Readable | QDir::Writable
| QDir::Executable | QDir::Hidden);
m_dirModel->setSorting(QDir::Name | QDir::DirsFirst);
Interesting to test is e.g.
* if opening one of the symbolic links opens the link target (bad), or the symbolic link (good)
TARGET = symbolic
SOURCES += symbolic_link_one.cpp symbolic_link_two.cpp
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