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Doc: full-text search

Using full-text search and known issues and limitations.

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The following image displays the \gui Search pane in the \gui Help mode.
\image qtcreator-help-search.png
The following image displays the context sensitive help in the \gui Edit
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To import and export bookmarks, select \gui {Tools > Options > Help >
General Settings > Import} or \gui Export.
\section2 Full-text Search
In the \gui Search pane, you can use full-text search for finding a
particular word in all the installed documents. In the \gui {Search for}
field, enter the term you are looking for, and select the \gui Search
button. All documents that contain the specified term are listed. The list
is sorted by the number of search hits that the documents contain. Select a
document in the list to open it.
\image qtcreator-help-search.png "Search pane"
The following are examples of common search patterns:
\o \c deep lists all the documents that contain the word \c deep.
The search is not case sensitive.
\o \c{deep*} lists all the documents that contain a word beginning
with \c deep
\o \c{deep copy} lists all documents that contain both \c deep and
\c copy
\o \c{"deep copy"} lists all documents that contain the phrase
\c{deep copy}
For more flexibility, use the \gui {Advanced search}. Specify words to
exclude from the search hits, or search for an exact phrase or for similar
words. For example, searching for \c{QStin}, \c{QSting}, or \c{QStrin} lists
all the documents with titles that are similar, such as \c{QString}.
Combine options to improve the search results.
Full-text search is based on indexing all the installed documents the first
time when you open the \gui Search pane. If you add or remove documents,
\QC recreates the index.
If you cannot find words that you know are there, indexing might not have
been completed for some reason. Remove the \c {.helpcollection} folder and
open the \gui Search pane again to recreate the index. The folder is located
in \c { ~/.config/Nokia/qtcreator/.helpcollection} on Linux and Mac OS X and
in \c {\AppData\Roaming\Nokia\qtcreator\} on Windows.
Punctuation is not included in indexed terms. To find terms that contain
punctuation, such as domain names, use the asterisk as a wild card. For
example, to find \c {Pastebin.Com}, enter the search term \c {Pastebin*}.
\section1 Adding External Documentation
You can display external documentation in the \gui Help mode.
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