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Doc: Add full path to the Default encoding option

Explain why the field might still show "System"
even though "UTF-8" is now the default.

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......@@ -79,11 +79,15 @@
\section2 File Encoding
To define the default file encoding, select a suitable option in
To define the default file encoding, select \gui Tools > \gui Options >
\gui {Text Editor} > \gui Behavior, and then select a suitable option in
\gui {Default encoding}.
Qt 5 requires UTF-8 encoded source files, and therefore the default
encoding was changed from \gui System to \gui UTF-8 in \QC version 2.6.
However, the \gui {Default encoding} field still displays the value
\gui System if the default system encoding is set to UTF-8.
Detecting the correct encoding is tricky, so \QC will not try to do so.
Instead, it displays the following error message when you try to edit a file
that is not UTF-8 encoded: \gui {Error: Could not decode "filename" with
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