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Add little script that creates source and doc package.

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## Command line parameters
if [[ $# != 1 ]]; then
cat <<USAGE
$0 <branch>
Creates tar and zip source package from origin/<branch> and documentation-zip from current checkout.
Files and directories are named after <branch>.
$0 2.0.0
exit 1
cd `dirname $0`/..
echo "Creating tar archive..."
git archive --format=tar --prefix=qt-creator-${VERSION}-src/ origin/${VERSION} | gzip > qt-creator-${VERSION}-src.tar.gz || exit 1
echo "Creating zip archive..."
git archive --format=zip --prefix=qt-creator-${VERSION}-src/ origin/${VERSION} > qt-creator-${VERSION} || exit 1
echo "Creating documentation..."
rm -r doc/html
qmake -r && make docs || exit 1
cd doc
cp -r html qt-creator-${VERSION}
zip -r ../qt-creator-${VERSION} qt-creator-${VERSION}
rm -r qt-creator-${VERSION}
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