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changes-2.7.0: entries for QmlJS changes, terminal support

Change-Id: I3988d220ad2fd7d68c6f1cc8ba6caf933f50dfe0
Reviewed-by: default avatarLeena Miettinen <>
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......@@ -136,11 +136,20 @@ QML/JS Support
* Improved JS Console
* Fixed indentation in if condition and lambda expressions
* Added persistent trie to store imports
* Made sure default kit for new Qt Quick 2 UI project is Qt 5 based
* Added detection of import type from main file to invoke QML Viewer when
previewing QML documents that import Qt Quick 1 (QTCREATORBUG-8358)
* Corrected handling of Qt Quick 2 only features
* Added import completion in editor
* Improved speed of QML/JS Editor for large files (QTCREATORBUG-8673)
* Made contextual help more robust (QTCREATORBUG-3169)
* Improved initial kit selection (QTCREATORBUG-8424)
* Added detection of import type from main file (QTCREATORBUG-8358)
* Hid properties starting with "__" in auto-completion
* Changed paser to enforce strict mode for javascript within a QML file
GLSL Support
......@@ -212,9 +221,12 @@ WelcomePage:
Platform Specific
* Replaced xterm with as default terminal (QTCREATORBUG-6371)
* Added crash handler providing a backtrace for debug builds
* Added support for terminal emulators that share a unique process
* Improved UI to handle x64 and amd64 etc toolchains
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