Commit ed38d62c authored by Kai Koehne's avatar Kai Koehne
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Fix crash in cpp text editor

Crashes were introduced in commit 9d803829.
Reverting this, to have a second look.
parent 9c12ef51
......@@ -1095,11 +1095,11 @@ void CPPEditor::updateMethodBoxIndexNow()
int line = 0, column = 0;
convertPosition(position(), &line, &column);
m_overviewModelIndex = indexForPosition(line, column);
emit overviewModelIndexChanged(m_overviewModelIndex);
QModelIndex overviewModelIndex = indexForPosition(line, column);
emit overviewModelIndexChanged(overviewModelIndex);
// ComboBox only let's you select top level indexes!
QModelIndex comboIndex = m_overviewModelIndex;
QModelIndex comboIndex = overviewModelIndex;
while (comboIndex.parent().isValid())
comboIndex = comboIndex.parent();
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