Commit eff4a5dc authored by Oswald Buddenhagen's avatar Oswald Buddenhagen
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change reporting of missing files

use the new parser flags to report all i/o errors directly.

as a notable side effect, the "WARNING" prefix is gone (even though
it is still treated like that, which is mildly insane to start with).

Change-Id: I084375d5e7a3314ae763795f7c318804a9fb84b6
Reviewed-by: default avatarJoerg Bornemann <>
(cherry picked from qtbase/b4c0d9166e7a8f5dfa5ca052002a5ab318787aa2)
parent 7a707eb2
......@@ -1804,7 +1804,10 @@ ProString QMakeEvaluator::first(const ProKey &variableName) const
QMakeEvaluator::VisitReturn QMakeEvaluator::evaluateFile(
const QString &fileName, QMakeHandler::EvalFileType type, LoadFlags flags)
if (ProFile *pro = m_parser->parsedProFile(fileName, QMakeParser::ParseUseCache)) {
QMakeParser::ParseFlags pflags = QMakeParser::ParseUseCache;
if (!(flags & LoadSilent))
pflags |= QMakeParser::ParseReportMissing;
if (ProFile *pro = m_parser->parsedProFile(fileName, pflags)) {
VisitReturn ok = visitProFile(pro, type, flags);
m_current = m_locationStack.pop();
......@@ -1819,8 +1822,6 @@ QMakeEvaluator::VisitReturn QMakeEvaluator::evaluateFile(
return ok;
} else {
if (!(flags & LoadSilent) && !m_vfs->exists(fileName))
evalError(fL1S("WARNING: Include file %1 not found").arg(fileName));
return ReturnFalse;
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