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Adapt coding rules for file names to point to the FileName class.

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instead of backslashes (\\) even on Windows. To pass a file name from the user
to the API, convert it with QDir::fromNativeSeparators first. To present a file
name to the user, convert it back to native format with
QDir::toNativeSeparators. Consider using Utils::FileName::fromUserInput(QString)
and Utils::FileName::toUserOutput() for these tasks.
When comparing file names, consider using DocumentManager::fixFileName which
makes sure that paths are clean and absolute and also takes Windows
case-insensitivity into account (even if it is an expensive operation).
Use Utils::FileName when comparing file names, because that takes case sensitivity into account.
Also make sure that you compare clean paths (QDir::cleanPath()).
\section2 Plugin Extension Points
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