Commit f4487c4c authored by Friedemann Kleint's avatar Friedemann Kleint
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VCS[git]: Cleaning a repositories: Uncheck pro.user files as well.

parent 93b156e5
......@@ -166,18 +166,20 @@ void CleanDialog::setFileList(const QString &workingDirectory, const QStringList
const QIcon fileIcon = style->standardIcon(QStyle::SP_FileIcon);
const QString diffSuffix = QLatin1String(".diff");
const QString patchSuffix = QLatin1String(".patch");
const QString proUserSuffix = QLatin1String(".pro.user");
const QChar slash = QLatin1Char('/');
// Do not initially check patches for deletion.
// Do not initially check patches or 'pro.user' files for deletion.
foreach(const QString &fileName, l) {
const QFileInfo fi(workingDirectory + slash + fileName);
const bool isDir = fi.isDir();
QStandardItem *nameItem = new QStandardItem(QDir::toNativeSeparators(fileName));
nameItem->setIcon(isDir ? folderIcon : fileIcon);
const bool isPatch = !isDir && (fileName.endsWith(diffSuffix)
|| fileName.endsWith(patchSuffix));
const bool saveFile = !isDir && (fileName.endsWith(diffSuffix)
|| fileName.endsWith(patchSuffix)
|| fileName.endsWith(proUserSuffix));
nameItem->setCheckState(isPatch ? Qt::Unchecked : Qt::Checked);
nameItem->setCheckState(saveFile ? Qt::Unchecked : Qt::Checked);
nameItem->setData(QVariant(fi.absoluteFilePath()), fileNameRole);
nameItem->setData(QVariant(isDir), isDirectoryRole);
// Tooltip with size information
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