Commit f7d665ba authored by Oswald Buddenhagen's avatar Oswald Buddenhagen
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remove dead code

parent 530d03b3
......@@ -1196,29 +1196,6 @@ QStringList Qt4ProFileNode::subDirsPaths(ProFileReader *reader) const
return subProjectPaths;
QStringList Qt4ProFileNode::qBuildSubDirsPaths(const QString &scanDir) const
QStringList subProjectPaths;
// With QBuild we only look for project files named
QString realFile = scanDir + "/";
if (QFile::exists(realFile))
subProjectPaths << realFile;
// With QBuild 'subdirs' are implied
QDir dir(scanDir);
QStringList subDirs = dir.entryList(QDir::Dirs | QDir::NoDotAndDotDot);
foreach (QString subDir, subDirs) {
// 'tests' sub directories are an exception to the 'QBuild scans everything' rule.
// Tests are only build with the 'make test' command, in which case QBuild WILL look
// for a tests subdir and run everything in there.
if (subDir != "tests")
subProjectPaths += qBuildSubDirsPaths(scanDir + "/" + subDir);
return subProjectPaths;
QString Qt4PriFileNode::buildDir() const
const QDir srcDirRoot = QFileInfo(m_project->rootProjectNode()->path()).absoluteDir();
......@@ -213,7 +213,6 @@ private:
QStringList mocDirPaths(ProFileReader *reader) const;
QStringList includePaths(ProFileReader *reader) const;
QStringList subDirsPaths(ProFileReader *reader) const;
QStringList qBuildSubDirsPaths(const QString &scanDir) const;
void invalidate();
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