Commit fabaffde authored by Alessandro Portale's avatar Alessandro Portale
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Do not link against (the possibly absent) eiksrv.dso

The template .pri file of the "Qt Quick Application" and
"Qt Mobile Application" wizards linked against eiksrv
when locking the screen orientation. That is however not

The real problem is that eiksrv does not get shipped with
the Symbian^1 SDK in Nokia Qt SDK 1.0/1.1. Therefore, the
innecessary link attempt even fails.

This patch removes the -leiksrv and bumps the version for
the template.

Cherrypicking into qtcreator/2.1 is highly recommended.

Task-Number: QTCREATORBUG-3142
Task-Number: QTSDK-194
parent b954eb19
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ MAINPROFILEPWD = $$PWD
symbian {
ICON = $${TARGET}.svg
TARGET.EPOCHEAPSIZE = 0x20000 0x2000000
contains(DEFINES, ORIENTATIONLOCK):LIBS += -lavkon -leikcore -leiksrv -lcone
contains(DEFINES, ORIENTATIONLOCK):LIBS += -lavkon -leikcore -lcone
} else:win32 {
!isEqual(PWD,$$OUT_PWD) {
......@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@ const QString AbstractMobileApp::ProFileComment(QLatin1String("#"));
const QString AbstractMobileApp::DeploymentPriFileName(QLatin1String("deployment.pri"));
const QString AbstractMobileApp::FileChecksum(QLatin1String("checksum"));
const QString AbstractMobileApp::FileStubVersion(QLatin1String("version"));
const int AbstractMobileApp::StubVersion = 1;
const int AbstractMobileApp::StubVersion = 2;
: m_orientation(ScreenOrientationAuto), m_networkEnabled(false)
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