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\o In the \gui {Rename id} field, enter the new ID.
\section1 Applying Refactoring Actions
Qt Creator allows you to quickly and conveniently apply actions to refactor
your code by selecting them in a context menu. The actions available depend on
the position of the cursor in the code editor and on whether you are writing
C++ or QML code.
To apply refactoring actions to C++ code, right-click an operand, conditional
statement, string, or name to open a context menu. In QML code, click an element
ID or name.
In the context menu, select \gui {Refactoring} and then select a refactoring action.
You can also press \gui {Alt+Enter} to open a context menu that contains refactoring
\section2 Refactoring C++ Code
You can apply the following types of refactoring actions to C++ code:
\o Change binary operands
\o Simplify if and when conditions (for example, move declarations out of
if conditions)
\o Modify strings (for example, set the encoding for a string to Latin-1, mark
strings translatable, and convert strings to camel case)
\o Create variable declarations
\o Create method declarations and definitions
\section2 Refactoring QML Code
You can apply the following types of refactoring actions to QML code:
\o Rename IDs
\o Split initializers
\o Move a QML element into a separate file to reuse it in other
.qml files
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