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    RT73025. stm32f2_eth: driver implementation · 306c8bfd
    Yuri Tikhonov authored
    Note, beside this, to make driver workable, this patch:
    - changes SRAM memory distribution. Actually, we have 128K in STM (as
    opposite to 64K in A2F). TBDs here: a) CONFIG_MEM_RAM_LEN is a bad
    name, since this isn't length of full SRAM, but just a part of it; b)
    we should control the summary length of MEM_xxx areas somehow, on a
    SOC basis (i.e. A2F has 64K SRAM, STM32F2 has 128K SRAM, etc.), maybe
    include/configs/cortex-m3-common.h would be the best choice; c) not
    sure if we want to have *all* SRAM parts configurable, e.g. MALLOC size
    may be determined automatically.
    - in default configuration load files to SRAM (RAM_BUF) (as opposite
    to external RAM). TBD here: make this configurable somehow.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarYuri Tikhonov <>