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    Supply c++11 flags and per-project info to c++ code model. · 3aab8bea
    Erik Verbruggen authored
    A manual squash/merge of the changes below, plus a couple of subsequent
    code fixes.
        Modify CppModel::ProjectInfo
        Adding per project node information, to pass on the correct
        defines/includes for each file, instead of aggregating them incorrectly.
        Also split up SOURCES and OBJECTIVE_SOURCES.
        Also ask the toolchain to convert the compilerflags to flags the
        codemodel understands, for now only gcc and only c++11.
        Also make the toolchain aware of the flags used to compile, so that it
        can emit the correct defines.
        Note: No header files are passed on.
        GCC: Evaluate cxxflags when checking for predefined macros
        MSVC: Take cxxflags into account when checking for predefined macros
        Compile fixes
    Change-Id: I9de94ad038dfc5dc1987732e84b13fb4419c96f5
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