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    Symbian/Linux: Enable building with makefile-based system. · 7c9c99dc
    Friedemann Kleint authored
    - Autodetect SDK by environment variable EPOCROOT and qt directory
    - Environment::appendOrSet/prependOrSet: Avoid duplicate entries
    - Rename toolchain enumeration value
    - Adapt S60ToolChainMixin to new GnuPoc setup, provide routines for
      all required variables.
    - RVCTToolChain: Make RVCT detection smarter (Check for RVCT<v1><v2>BIN
      variable). Set all required variables in case of RVCTToolChain/GnuPoc
    - QtVersionManager: Detect toolchain and Qt version properly, make S60
      device run config accept toolchain.
    - Modify S60DeviceRunControl to execute 'make sis'
    - Modify S60Devices::detectQt...() to check for Qt installed into SDK
      first and symlink as fallback.