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    Disable re-run ability for analyzers. · bcfe1ab4
    Christian Kandeler authored
    Our analyzers were designed with the assumption that only one of them is
    ever running (e.g. there is only one instance of the respective UI
    element for each Analyzer). Run controls, on the other hand, assume that
    an arbitrary number of them can run concurrently. With "re-run" enabled
    for an analyzer run control, these concepts clash. A quick test shows
    that some analyzers actually crash if you try to re-run them, but even
    if this were not the case, it could not work in a sensible way.
    Perhaps it would make sense to change the analyzer design so that they
    too can run concurrently, but not for 3.4, obviously.
    Change-Id: Ie8650eeef0261f2b697269900d5b465aad10aaf2
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