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    CppTools: Remove separate indexing revision · d4bb5033
    Nikolai Kosjar authored
    For indexing we used a custom revision that was updated on each
    modelManager BuiltinIndexingSupport::refreshSourceFiles() call. This
    could lead to rejection of updated documents triggered by refactoring
    actions, like for the following case:
     1. Open a project containing a.h and a.cpp
     2. Open a.cpp, insert some new lines, save and close the document
     3. Open a.h and rename a function that is defined in a.cpp
        --> The refactoring action modifies a.h and a.cpp, so re-indexing
            of those is triggered. Since a.cpp has already a higher revision
            (step 2) than the updated document, the updated document is
            discarded. As a consequence find usages and follow symbol fails
            for the renamed function.
    Now the document call back provided to CppSourceProcessor is responsible
    for updating the document revision based on the latest revision in the
    global snapshot.
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