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    Debugger: Prevent popup on shutdown when debugger is running · f572f7da
    Orgad Shaneh authored
    * Run a debugger (of any kind)
    * Close Qt Creator window
    * When prompted to shutdown choose Yes
    * An error message box appears with "Unexpected GDB exit"
    This is not a real solution, but a quick hack to make the error message go.
    2 soft assertions are also hit on this case:
    SOFT ASSERT: "state() == EngineShutdownRequested" in file debuggerengine.cpp, line 1130
    Debugger::Internal::GdbTermEngine(0x55ef651cea30, name = "GdbEngine") "InferiorShutdownRequested"
    *** UNEXPECTED STATE TRANSITION: Debugger::Internal::GdbTermEngine(0x55ef651cea30, name = "GdbEngine")
    "State changed from InferiorShutdownRequested(16) to EngineShutdownOk(21) [master]"
    SOFT ASSERT: "state() == InferiorShutdownRequested" in file debuggerengine.cpp, line 1068
    Debugger::Internal::GdbTermEngine(0x55ef651cea30, name = "GdbEngine") "DebuggerFinished"
    UNEXPECTED STATE: 22  WANTED: 16 IN gdbengine.cpp:1841
    They are *not* addressed in this patch.
    Task-number: QTCREATORBUG-16770
    Change-Id: I419f134e527a154dfbe1c85a3fd6629597a363f0
    Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <hjk@qt.io>
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