Commit 006ee8f1 authored by dt's avatar dt Committed by dt
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Fixes: Add migration code to qt4project.cpp for Link Debugging helper

RevBy:    con, hjk
parent 9f96b721
......@@ -621,7 +621,22 @@ void Qt4Project::addDefaultBuild()
// Restoring configuration
// Do we already have a gdbmacrobuildstep?
// If not add it and disable linking of debugging helper
// Check for old link debugging helper setting in each buildConfiguration
// We add a gdbmacrosbuildstep if at least one has it
// TODO remove migration code from pre beta
foreach(const QString &bc, buildConfigurations()) {
QVariant v = value(bc, "addQDumper");
if (v.isValid() && v.toBool()) {
GdbMacrosBuildStep *gdbmacrostep = new GdbMacrosBuildStep(this);
insertBuildStep(0, gdbmacrostep);
foreach(const QString &bc, buildConfigurations()) {
setValue(bc, "addQDumper", QVariant());
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