Commit 0628ca19 authored by kh1's avatar kh1
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Make the content item the default one.

To make the addition of the qml docs more prominent, make the content
item the default one as it shows all available documentation sets.

Task-number: QTCREATORBUG-1024
Reviewed-by: kkoehne
parent 1eafca20
......@@ -428,7 +428,7 @@ void HelpPlugin::setupUi()
itemList << m_contentItem << m_indexItem << m_searchItem << m_bookmarkItem
<< m_openPagesItem;
m_sideBar = new Core::SideBar(itemList, QList<Core::SideBarItem*>()
<< m_indexItem << m_openPagesItem);
<< m_contentItem << m_openPagesItem);
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