Commit 074d477f authored by Erik Verbruggen's avatar Erik Verbruggen
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Got the gdb engine to compile on Mac.

Reviewed by: Friedemann Kleint
parent 25ee70bb
......@@ -3497,8 +3497,11 @@ void GdbEngine::handleStackListLocals(const GdbResponse &response)
QList<WatchData> list;
foreach (const GdbMi &item, locals)
list.push_back(localVariable(item, uninitializedVariables, &seen));
foreach (const GdbMi &item, locals) {
const WatchData data = localVariable(item, uninitializedVariables, &seen);
if (data.isValid())
......@@ -3518,7 +3521,7 @@ WatchData GdbEngine::localVariable(const GdbMi &item,
foreach (const GdbMi &child, item.children())
numExps += int( == "exp");
if (numExps > 1)
return WatchData();
QByteArray name = item.findChild("exp").data();
QByteArray name = item.findChild("name").data();
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