Commit 09b17064 authored by Daniel Molkentin's avatar Daniel Molkentin
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cdb.pri: isEmpty() takes a variable, not a string

parent 97e7b7bb
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ win32 {
contains(QMAKE_CXX, cl) {
isEmpty($$CDB_PATH):CDB_PATH="$$(ProgramFiles)/Debugging Tools For Windows/sdk"
isEmpty(CDB_PATH):CDB_PATH="$$(ProgramFiles)/Debugging Tools For Windows/sdk"
!exists($$CDB_PATH):CDB_PATH="$$(ProgramFiles)/Debugging Tools For Windows (x86)/sdk"
!exists($$CDB_PATH):CDB_PATH="$$(ProgramFiles)/Debugging Tools For Windows (x64)/sdk"
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