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Doc - Add information about using Qt Quick Toolbars with screen shots.

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\o \l{Finding and Replacing}
\o \l{Refactoring}
\o \l{Using Qt Quick Toolbars}
\o \l{Searching With the Locator}
\o \l{Pasting and Fetching Code Snippets}
\o \l{Configuring the Editor}
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order in which they appear in the file. Right-click the menu title and select
\gui {Sort Alphabetically} to arrange the symbols in alphabetic order.
\section1 Splitting the Editor View
Split the editor view when you want to work on and view multiple files on
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\title Refactoring
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\title Setting Up a Generic Project
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\title Using Qt Quick Toolbars
When you edit QML code in the code editor, you specify the properties
of QML components. For some properties, such as colors and font names,
this is not a trivial task. For example, few people can visualize the
color #18793f.
To easily edit these properties, you can use the Qt Quick Toolbars.
When you select a component in the code and a toolbar is available,
a light bulb icon appears:
\inlineimage qml-toolbar-indicator.png
. Select the icon to open the toolbar.
To open toolbars immediately when you select a component, select
\gui{Tools > Options... > Qt Quick > Qt Quick Toolbar > Always show Quick
Drag the toolbar to pin it to another location. Select
\inlineimage qml-toolbar-pin.png
to unpin the toolbar and move it to its default location. To pin toolbars
by default, select \gui{Tools > Options... > Qt Quick > Qt Quick Toolbar
> Pin Quick Toolbar}.
\section1 Previewing Images
The Qt Quick Toolbar for images allows you to edit the properties of
\l{}{Border Image}
and \l{}{Image} components.
You can scale and tile the images, replace them with other images,
preview them, and change the image margins.
\image qml-toolbar-image.png "Qt Quick Toolbar for images"
To preview an image, double-click it on the toolbar. In the preview
dialog, you can zoom the image. Drag the image margins to change them.
\image qml-toolbar-image-preview.png "Image preview dialog"
\section1 Formatting Text
The Qt Quick Toolbar for text allows you to edit the properties of
\l{}{Text} components.
You can change the font family and size as well as text formatting, style,
alignment, and color.
If a property is assigned an expression instead of a value, you
cannot use the toolbar to edit it. The button for editing the property
is disabled.
\image qml-toolbar-text.png "Qt Quick Toolbar for text"
By default, font size is specified as pixels. To use points, instead,
change \gui px to \gui pt in the size field.
\section1 Previewing Animation
The Qt Quick Toolbar for animation allows you to edit the properties of
components and the components that inherit it. You can change the easing curve
type and duration. For some curves, you can also specify amplitude, period,
and overshoot values.
\image qml-toolbar-animation.png "Qt Quick Toolbar for animation"
Select the play button to preview your changes.
\section1 Editing Rectangles
The Qt Quick Toolbar for rectangles allows you to edit the properties of
components. You can change the fill and border colors and add
\image qml-toolbar-rectangle.png "Qt Quick Toolbar for rectangles"
To add gradient stop points, click above the gradient bar. To remove
stop points, drag them upwards.
\contentspage index.html
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