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Doc - Add information about the Help mode, adding bookmarks, and detaching the help window. Add screen shots.
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\gui Help mode, select \gui Tools > \gui Options... > \gui Help.
\section1 Finding Information in Qt Documentation
Qt Creator, Qt SDK, Nokia Qt SDK and other Qt deliverables contain documentation
as .qch files. All the documentation is accessible in the \gui Help mode.
To find information in the documentation, select:
\o \gui Bookmarks to view a list of pages on which you have added bookmarks.
\o \gui Contents to see all the documentation installed on the development
PC and to browse the documentation contents.
\o \gui Index to find information based on a list of keywords in all the
installed documents.
\o \gui {Open Pages} to view a list of currently open documentation pages.
\o \gui Search to search from all the installed documents.
\section2 Adding Bookmarks to Help Pages
You can add bookmarks to useful help pages to easily find them later
in the \gui Bookmarks view. You can either use the page title as the
bookmark or change it to any text. You can organize the bookmarks in
folders in the view.
\image qtcreator-help-add-bookmark-dlg.png "Add Bookmark dialog"
To add a bookmark to an open help page:
\list 1
\o Click the
\inlineimage qtcreator-help-add-bookmark.png
(\gui {Add Bookmark}) button on the toolbar.
\o In the \gui {Add Bookmark} dialog, click \gui OK to save the
page title as a bookmark in the \gui Bookmarks folder.
To import and export bookmarks, select \gui {Tools > Options... > Help >
General Settings > Import} or \gui Export.
\section1 Adding External Documentation
You can display external documentation in the \gui Help mode.
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\gui Options... > \gui Help > \gui Documentation > \gui Add.
\section1 Detaching the Help Window
By default, context-sensitive help is opened in a window next to the
code editor when you press \key F1. If there is not enough vertical
space, the help opens in the full-screen help mode.
You can specify that the help always opens in full-screen mode or
is detached to an external window. Select \gui {Tools > Options... > Help >
General Settings} and specify settings for displaying context-sensitive help
in the \gui {On context help} field. To detach the help window, select
\gui {Always Show Help in External Window}.
You can select the help page to open upon startup in the \gui {Home Page}
\section1 Using Documentation Filters
You can filter the documents displayed in the \gui Help mode to find
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