Commit 21fd430d authored by Orgad Shaneh's avatar Orgad Shaneh Committed by Orgad Shaneh

QbsPM: De-static const strings in constants header

Having a static variable in a header is strange.

Change-Id: I42c0244f6e73f1cbf530e704a36b96bf5b85a017
Reviewed-by: Jake Petroules's avatarJake Petroules <>
Reviewed-by: Christian Kandeler's avatarChristian Kandeler <>
parent abbea9a8
......@@ -60,19 +60,19 @@ const char QBS_CLEANSTEP_ID[] = "Qbs.CleanStep";
const char QBS_INSTALLSTEP_ID[] = "Qbs.InstallStep";
// QBS strings:
static const char QBS_VARIANT_DEBUG[] = "debug";
static const char QBS_VARIANT_RELEASE[] = "release";
const char QBS_VARIANT_DEBUG[] = "debug";
const char QBS_VARIANT_RELEASE[] = "release";
static const char QBS_CONFIG_VARIANT_KEY[] = "qbs.buildVariant";
static const char QBS_CONFIG_PROFILE_KEY[] = "qbs.profile";
static const char QBS_INSTALL_ROOT_KEY[] = "qbs.installRoot";
static const char QBS_CONFIG_DECLARATIVE_DEBUG_KEY[] = "Qt.declarative.qmlDebugging";
static const char QBS_CONFIG_QUICK_DEBUG_KEY[] = "Qt.quick.qmlDebugging";
const char QBS_CONFIG_VARIANT_KEY[] = "qbs.buildVariant";
const char QBS_CONFIG_PROFILE_KEY[] = "qbs.profile";
const char QBS_INSTALL_ROOT_KEY[] = "qbs.installRoot";
const char QBS_CONFIG_DECLARATIVE_DEBUG_KEY[] = "Qt.declarative.qmlDebugging";
const char QBS_CONFIG_QUICK_DEBUG_KEY[] = "Qt.quick.qmlDebugging";
const char QBS_FORCE_PROBES_KEY[] = "qbspm.forceProbes";
// Icons:
static const char QBS_GROUP_ICON[] = ":/qbsprojectmanager/images/groups.png";
static const char QBS_PRODUCT_OVERLAY_ICON[] = ":/qbsprojectmanager/images/productgear.png";
const char QBS_GROUP_ICON[] = ":/qbsprojectmanager/images/groups.png";
const char QBS_PRODUCT_OVERLAY_ICON[] = ":/qbsprojectmanager/images/productgear.png";
// Toolchain related settings:
const char QBS_TARGETOS[] = "qbs.targetOS";
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