Commit 2a2ecdc3 authored by Christian Stenger's avatar Christian Stenger
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Squish: Prepare enabling Qt5 for suite_qtquick

Change-Id: I7c4ac62be8f30867953f776ad56ab3ffbf6cd909
Reviewed-by: default avatarRobert Loehning <>
parent 2665eced
......@@ -255,20 +255,21 @@ def createNewQtQuickApplication(workingDir, projectName = None, templateFile = N
return checkedTargets, projectName
def createNewQtQuickUI(workingDir):
__createProjectOrFileSelectType__(" Applications", "Qt Quick 1 UI")
def createNewQtQuickUI(workingDir, qtQuickVersion=1):
__createProjectOrFileSelectType__(" Applications", "Qt Quick %d UI" % qtQuickVersion)
if workingDir == None:
workingDir = tempDir()
projectName = __createProjectSetNameAndPath__(workingDir)
return projectName
def createNewQmlExtension(workingDir):
available = __createProjectOrFileSelectType__(" Libraries", "Qt Quick 1 Extension Plugin")
def createNewQmlExtension(workingDir, targets=Targets.DESKTOP_474_GCC, qtQuickVersion=1):
available = __createProjectOrFileSelectType__(" Libraries", "Qt Quick %d Extension Plugin"
% qtQuickVersion)
if workingDir == None:
workingDir = tempDir()
checkedTargets = __chooseTargets__(Targets.DESKTOP_474_GCC, available)
checkedTargets = __chooseTargets__(targets, available)
nextButton = waitForObject(":Next_QPushButton")
nameLineEd = waitForObject("{buddy={type='QLabel' text='Object class-name:' unnamed='1' visible='1'} "
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