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\o \l{Using the Maemo Emulator}
\o \l{Using Version Control Systems}
\o \l{Creating Task List Files}
\o \l{Using Command Line Options}
\o \l{Getting Help}
\o \l{Tips and Tricks}
\o \l{Keyboard Shortcuts}
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\title Setting Up a Generic Project
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\title Creating Task List Files
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\title Using Command Line Options
You can start Qt Creator and specify some options from the command line.
To specify command line options, enter the following command in the Qt Creator
installation or build directory:
\c {qtcreator [option] [filename]}
For example:
\c {C:\qtcreator-2.1\bin>qtcreator -help}
The following table summarizes the available options:
\o Option
\o Description
\o -help
\o Display help on command line options.
\o -version
\o Display Qt Creator version.
\o -client
\o Attempt to connect to an already running instance of Qt Creator.
\o -noload <plugin>
\o Do not load the specified plugin.
\o -profile
\o Load profile plugin.
\o -color <color>
\o Core plugin: override the selected UI color.
\o -disable-cdb
\o Debugger plugin: disable the Microsoft Console Debugger (CDB)
engine. For more information, see \l{Debugging}.
\o -disable-gdb
\o Debugger plugin: disable the GNU Symbolic Debugger (gdb) engine.
\o -disable-sdb
\o Debugger plugin: disable the Qt Script debugger engine.
\o -debug <PID-or-corefile>
\o Debugger plugin: attach to process ID or core file.
\o -wincrashevent <event-handle>
\o Debugger plugin: Attach to crashed processes by using the specified
event handle.
\o -customwizard-verbose
\o ProjectExplorer plugin: display additional information when loading
custom wizards. For more information about custom wizards, see
\l{Adding New Custom Wizards}
\o -lastsession
\o ProjectExplorer plugin: load the last session when Qt Creator starts.
Open the projects and files that were open when you last exited Qt Creator.
For more information about managing sessions, see \l{Managing Sessions}.
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