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Change-Id: I3837555554891789f798b52416faf03952f1c738
Reviewed-by: default avatarLeena Miettinen <>
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......@@ -8,9 +8,26 @@ git clone git://
git log --cherry-pick --pretty=oneline v2.4.0...origin/2.5
* Add a keyboard shortcut (Alt) to the locator to display the full path to
a located file (QTCREATORBUG-3805)
* Use the QML/JS editor for opening json files (QTCREATORBUG-4639)
* Add basic JSON validation according to the draft at Still work in progress.
* Add clipboad history that contains up to ten previous clips
* Add a shortcut for toggling bookmarks by pressing Shift and clicking
the left margin at a line (QTCREATORBUG-2852)
* Highlight search results of one character when whole words only is
specified (QTCREATORBUG-6372)
* Fix clean whitespace affecting lines that are already clean
(QTCREATORBUG-5712) [by Orgad Shaneh]
* Add a keyboard shortcut (Alt) to display context-sensitive help in a
popup if the corresponding option is enabled (QTCREATORBUG-6644)
* Fix layout update when folding/unfolding regions (QTCREATORBUG-6666)
* Fix position of code-assist popup when cursor is outside viewport
Managing Projects
......@@ -33,6 +50,29 @@ C++ Support
synchronization (QTCREATORBUG-6620)
* Improve default argument handling with function signature synchronization
* Add Doxygen/QDoc comment completion when typing /*@ or /*! before
declarations (QTCREATORBUG-2752)
* Add "extract function" refactoring action (QTCREATORBUG-5485)
* Change behavior of "select all" during rename so that it selects
the symbol in question (QTCREATORBUG-5520) [by Bojan Pretrovic]
* Fix preprocess for multiline #if directives (QTCREATORBUG-5843)
* Fix encoding issues during refactoring operations (QTCREATORBUG-6147)
* Fix "convert to decimal" refactoring for lower case letters
* Fix "add definition" refactoring when the matching implementation file
has no other definition yet (QTCREATORBUG-6696)
* Improve behavior of switch header/source when files with the same name
exist (QTCREATORBUG-6799) [by Nicolas Arnaud-Cormos]
* Improve behavior of follow symbol and add definition for projects with
equivalent symbol names (QTCREATORBUG-6697) (QTCREATORBUG-6792)
* Improve support for C++11 nullptr, constexpr, static_assert, noexcept,
inline namespaces, and auto.
* Fix missing result of find usages when there is a match on the first
line (QTCREATERBUG-6176)
* Fix highlighting for spaces in comments and strings (QTCREATORBUG-5802)
* Add "rearrange parameter list" refactoring action [by Bojan Petrovic]
* Add indent/unindent actions shortcut [by Adam Treat]
* Improve sorting of completion items (QTCREATORBUG-6404)
QML/JS Support
* Add correct scoping for signal handlers; enables completion of signal
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