Commit 31142bdf authored by Thomas Hartmann's avatar Thomas Hartmann

QmlDesigner: Remove unused code

Change-Id: I5c74437bf2ba9dad06b452c58286a5168e6f392e
Reviewed-by: Tim Jenssen's avatarTim Jenssen <>
parent 6e8e660f
......@@ -106,11 +106,6 @@ static bool isRootNodeOrAcceptedChild(const ModelNode &modelNode)
return modelNode.isRootNode() || acceptedModelNodeChildren(modelNode.parentProperty().parentModelNode()).contains(modelNode);
static bool nodeCanBeHandled(const ModelNode &modelNode)
return modelNode.metaInfo().isGraphicalItem() && isRootNodeOrAcceptedChild(modelNode);
static void removePosition(const ModelNode &node)
ModelNode modelNode = node;
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