Commit 319720f4 authored by Roberto Raggi's avatar Roberto Raggi
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Don't add $QT_INSTALL_HEADERS/Qt to the include paths.

Indexing both /include/Qt and /include/{QtCore,QtGui,...} makes the code completion with fedora.
parent 952e35a9
......@@ -452,9 +452,12 @@ void Qt4Project::updateCodeModel()
QDir dir(newQtIncludePath);
foreach (QFileInfo info, dir.entryInfoList(QDir::Dirs)) {
if (! info.fileName().startsWith(QLatin1String("Qt")))
const QString path = info.fileName();
if (path == QLatin1String("Qt"))
continue; // skip $QT_INSTALL_HEADERS/Qt. There's no need to include it.
else if (path.startsWith(QLatin1String("Qt")) || path == QLatin1String("phonon"))
FindQt4ProFiles findQt4ProFiles;
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