Commit 31ae1778 authored by Martin Aumüller's avatar Martin Aumüller Committed by hjk

fakevim: fix repeating 'ciw'

Change-Id: I732cc9d6ad1693cf6227bca7c7d6e80a9357fd23
Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <>
parent 6d97c0ec
......@@ -1844,7 +1844,10 @@ EventResult FakeVimHandler::Private::handleCommandSubSubMode(const Input &input)
else if ('"') ||'\'') ||'`'))
selectQuotedStringTextObject('i'), input.key());
m_subsubmode = NoSubSubMode;
} else if (m_subsubmode == MarkSubSubMode) {
setMark(input.asChar().unicode(), position());
m_subsubmode = NoSubSubMode;
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