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specify the path to the command line client's executable in the settings
pages that can be found under \gui{Options...} in the \gui{Tools} menu.
\section1 Usage
You can find the version control menu entires in a sub-menu of the
\gui{Tools} menu. The version control system displayed here is the system
that manages the current project.
Each version control system adds a pane to the \gui{Application Output}
panes within which it will log the commands it executes, prepended by a
timestamp and the relevant output.
\image qtcreator-vcs-pane.png
\section2 Addings Files
When you create a new file or a new project, the wizards will display page
requesting whether the files should be added to a version control system.
This depends on whether the parent directory or the project is already
under version control and the system supports the concept of adding files,
e.g., \bold{Perforce} and \bold{Subversion}. Alternatively, you can also
add files later on using the version control tool menus.
With \bold{git}, there is no concept of adding files. Instead, all modified
files must be \e{staged} for a commit.
\section2 Viewing Diff Output
All version control systems provide menu options to \e{diff} the current
file or project - comparing with the latest version stored in the
repository and displaying the differences. In Qt Creator, a diff is
displayed in a read-only editor. If the file is accessible, you can double
-click on a selected diff chunk and Qt Creator will open an editor
displaying the file, scrolled to the line in question.
\image qtcreator-vcs-diff.png
\section2 Viewing Versioning History and Change Details
The versioning history of a file can be displayed by selecting the
\gui{Log} (for \bold{git}) or \gui{Filelog (for \bold{Perforce} and
\bold{Subversion})} option. Typically,
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